Concourse is completely open source. All of the source code lives under the Concourse organization on GitHub. Issues and pull requests welcome!

We also use Github milestones and labels to provide visibility into what our team at Pivotal is working on, and what things are coming soon.


We use Stackoverflow for support. Please post questions here and search for existing answers before asking for help in Slack.


We use Slack for public discussions. To chit chat with us or the rest of the community, join us in the Concourse Slack team. To sign up, use our Slack inviter.


We often write long-form articles and project updates on our Concourse publication, hosted on Medium.


To be notified of any security issues or vulnerabilities, join the Concourse Security mailing list. To report a security issue, send an email to


To see introductory Concourse material and to check out what folks in the community are using Concourse for, check out Talks.