7 Community

7.1 GitHub

Concourse is completely open-source. All of the source code lives under the Concourse organization on GitHub. Pull requests welcome! (Issues too, I guess.)

For a bird's eye view of the entire project, and to see what's in flight and coming up on our backlog, check out our

7.2 Discuss

The Concourse forums are a great place for discussions that are a bit more open-ended than GitHub issues or pull requests.

These forums are for supporting end users and operators, planning contributions and volunteering ideas, and announcing new things like resource types and whatever other cool things y'all want to show off.

7.3 Discord

We use Discord for real-time chat amongst contributors. Click here for an invite.

If you're looking to become a contributor, you should drop in to Discord and introduce yourself! We're happy to help you on your way.

If you're looking for help, we'd really appreciate it if you used the forums instead - threading and persistent messages make the support burden of an open-source project much easier to bear.

7.4 Blog

We often write long-form articles and project updates on our Concourse publication, hosted on Medium.

7.5 Stack Overflow

Concourse questions can all be found on StackOverflow under the concourse tag.

7.6 Security Contact

To be notified of any security issues or vulnerabilities, join the Concourse Security mailing list. To report a security issue, send an email to