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Security Contact

To be notified of any security issues or vulnerabilities, join the Concourse Security mailing list. To report a security issue, send an email to concourseteam+security@gmail.com.

Community Resources

These are third-party resources. Use at your own risk!

At some point we'd like to put together some sort of registry. We're not there yet though, so a list will have to do.

Be sure to read the README file for a resource to know what it does before using it!

Resource Type Maintained By
Slack Reading and Posting by @jleben
Slack notifications by @cloudfoundry-community
Github Pull Requests by @telia-oss
GitLab Merge Requests by @swisscom
OpenStack Swift by @sapcc
Key Value resource by @swce
Flowdock notifications by @starkandwayne
Email by @pivotal-cf
Formatted Email by @santoshjpawar
Email with integrated MTA by @mdomke
Bintray by @jamiemonserrate
Perforce by @olhtbr
BOSH Errands by @starkandwayne
BOSH Config: cloud-config and runtime-config by @EMC-Dojo
BOSH Release by @dpb587
Pool Trigger by @sfmobile
Pivotal Network by @pivotal-cf-experimental
FTP by @aequitas
lftp, access resources via ftp, http, sftp and fish by @openSUSE
Cloudformation by @pivotal-cf-experimental
Generic HTTP API by @aequitas
Hockey App by @seadowg
Concourse Pipelines by @robdimsdale
Twitter by @ECSTeam
HipChat Notifications by @cloudfoundry-community
Matrix Notifications by @freelock
Smuggler: generic resource framework by @redfactorlabs
GitHub Commit Status by @dpb587
GitHub Deployment by @ahume
AMI Updates by @jdub
Debian/Ubuntu Sources Updates by @jdub
Open Build Service by @SUSE
Travis-ci by @Orange-OpenSource
Bitbucket Notifications by @karunamon
Terraform by @ljfranklin
bbl (BOSH Bootloader) state by @cloudfoundry
Azure Blobstore by @pivotal-cf
Rsync by @mrsixw
Rsync: rsyncd, for local net by @chemist
PyPI Packages by @cf-platform-eng
Devpi Server: PyPI mirror and package server by @mdomke
Jira Integration by @danrspencer
Google Drive by @jpatel-pivotal
Google Calendar by @henrytk
pagerduty Notifications by @FidelityInternational
Telegram by @w32blaster
Telegram by @carlo-colombo
Telegram by @Cuttlerat
Google Cloud Storage by @frodenas
Fly by @troykinsella
Kubernetes by @jcderr
Kubernetes by @zlabjp
K8s-Kubernetes by @srinivasa-vasu
Kubernetes Helm by @linkyard
Helm Chart resource by @linkyard
Helm Chart repository (ChartMuseum) resource by @cathive
Vault by @Docurated
AWS Key Management Service by @everpeace
Marathon by @ckaznocha
RSS by @suhlig
Maven Resource by @nulldriver
cURL File Resource by @pivotalservices
Pivnet Resource (rsamban) by @rsamban
Cloud Foundry Events by @mevansam
Apache Directory Index by @mastertinner
Cloud Foundry CLI Resource by @nulldriver
Counter by @jinlee
Capistrano by @SHyx0rmZ
aptly CLI by @SHyx0rmZ
Prometheus Alertmanager by @frodenas
Git Bitbucket Pull Request Resource by @zarplata
Bitbucket Pull Request Resource by @halter-corp
NPM Cache Resource by @ymedlop
Gerrit Resource by @google
Repo Resource by @google
Trigger jobs using Slack by @ahelal
Hashicorp Releases by @starkandwayne
Pushover notifications by @redfactorlabs
SonarQube static code analysis by @cathive
SonarQube Notifier by @elgohr
Metadata resource by @swce
Spinnaker Resource by @pivotal-cf
New Relic Deploy Resource by @crstamps2
Artifactory Resource by @spring-io
Artifactory Resource by @emerald-squad
CF Zero Downtime Resource by @emerald-squad
FiaaS Resource by @leboncoin
IRC notifications by @flavorjones
PhraseApp Trigger by @tenjaa
Debian/Ubuntu archive uploads by @seveas
Launchpad PPA packages by @seveas
Fedora COPR packages by @seveas
Google Hangouts Notification Resource by @CloudInn
Yahoo! Weather Resource by @Kehrlann
Slack build alerts by @arbourd
Spring Initializr Resource by @jghiloni
HTTP Resource by @aequitas
Android SDK Resource by @xaethos
DigitalOcean Worker Provision Resource by @CloudInn
Knative Service Resource by @jchesterpivotal
Sentry Releases Resource by @rubenv
Gate Resource by @Meshcloud
Packer by @Snapkitchen
Github Webhook Resource by @homedepot
Ofcourse Resource Generator by @cloudboss
HTTP PUT Resource by @lorands
Serverspec Resource by @opicaud
Ansible Playbook by @troykinsella
Artifactory Deb by @troykinsella
Generic Artifactory by @troykinsella
Docker Compose by @troykinsella
RubyGems by @troykinsella
Medium Resource by @cappyzawa
GitHub List Repos by @ari-becker
Slack Notifier by @mockersf

Adding to this list

Fork the concourse/docs repository, add a .json file describing your resource type in lit/docs/resource-types/community-list/, then make a pull request.



Concourse Up by @EngineerBetter. A tool for easily deploying Concourse in a single command.

Concourse Helm Chart. The latest stable Helm chart for deploying Concourse into k8s. Official support coming soon.

Concourse Formula by @marco-m. All-in-one Concourse installation using Vagrant and Virtualbox with S3-compatible storage and Vault secret manager.

BUCC by @starkandwayne. The bucc command line utility allows for easy bootstrapping of the BUCC stack (BOSH UA Credhub and Concourse). Which is the starting point for many deployments.

ofcourse a library and a project skeleton generator for making your own Concourse resources in Go, with an emphasis on testability. Written and maintained by @cloudboss


concourse-vis package, an Atom plugin to preview Concourse pipelines.

Concourse CI Pipeline Editor, a VSCode plugin to help with editing Concourse pipelines.

fly-lint.vim, a Vim plugin to lint Concourse pipelines.