Single VM

The quickest way to spin up a fully functioning Concourse is by using BOSH to spin up a single-VM deployment, which we call Concourse Lite.

First, install the bosh CLI. Next, download the Concourse Lite deployment manifest, concourse-lite.yml, from the latest Concourse release.

Run the following in the directory where the manifest was saved:

bosh create-env concourse-lite.yml

The Concourse web server will be running at

While this isn't exactly production ready, it may be enough depending on your project's needs. Given that Concourse is stateless, you can always hoist your pipeline onto a bigger installation when you're ready, so there's little risk in sticking with the Concourse Lite VM while you figure things out.

Managing the VM

The create-env command will have created a file called concourse-lite-state.json in your working directory. This file is used by BOSH for keeping track of the VM, whether it's deleting it or updating it. You can read more about this in the BOSH docs for env management.

To upgrade the VM, you'll just need to download the concourse-lite.yml from the new release and run the following:

bosh create-env concourse-lite.yml --state concourse-lite-state.json

To destroy the VM, however, you'll run delete-env like so:

bosh delete-env concourse-lite.yml --state concourse-lite-state.json