6 Contribute

Concourse is a free and Open Source software project that relies on the contributions of sponsors and volunteers from around the world. As a growing community of continuous thing-doers, the team is always in need of more people to help out in our community.

Even if you're just getting started with Concourse you can contribute in a few ways:

  • Discuss and Share your experiences with Concourse in our Discord forums

  • Blog about Concourse. We would love to hear how you got started with Concourse, the type of pipelines you're building, or any tips & tricks that you can share with the community.

  • Answer questions about Concourse in the Support section of our forums or on Stack Overflow

As you become more comfortable with Concourse, you might be interested in contributing to Concourse's development:

  • Review issues and report bugs in the concourse/concourse repo. We are by no means experts in every subject area; it sometimes takes us while to understand a problem space well enough to figure out things fit into Concourse's puritanical world. You can help us by:

    • Voting for issues by adding an emoji reaction to the issue

    • Submitting new bugs when you run into a new problem with Concourse

    • Review GitHub issues submitted by other members of the community; ask for (or provide!) clarification when necessary. A lot of the issues that come in are simply unclear and we end up spending a lot of time on clarifying issues.

  • Writing Documentation for the project. You can get started by reviewing the docs code at concourse/docs and making PRs against the project.

  • Contributing Code. If you're interested in contributing some work to the core project, you can get started by reviewing the getting started guide. You can also get an overview of the Concourse architecture by reviewing some of the documentation under Concourse Concepts. If you're curious about what we're working on you can follow along with the team's progress on our public projects page.

The Concourse project is committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment for all project members, maintainers and community members. The Concourse project pledges to make our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation. You can read more about our commitment in the project's Contributor Code of Conduct