Creating & Updating Teams

fly set-team

Once you've logged in as the main team with fly, you can run fly set-team to create or update other teams.

Teams can also update their own configuration with the same command.

For example, to create a new team that authorizes the local foo user, you would run:

fly -t example set-team --team-name my-team \
  --local-user foo

There are many different ways to configure auth; see Configuring Team Auth for more information.

Once the team has been created, you can use fly login to log in:

$ fly login -n my-team

Any newly configured pipelines (via fly set-pipeline) and one-off builds (via fly execute) will be owned by the authorized team. Commands that list content will be scoped to the current team by default, such as fly pipelines and fly builds. The web UI should reflect the same state.

Newly configured pipelines are hidden by default, meaning other teams and unauthorized visitors cannot view them. To make them publicly viewable, see Pipeline & Build Visibility.