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Managing Jobs

fly jobs

To list the jobs configured in a pipeline, run:

$ fly -t example jobs -p my-pipeline

fly trigger-job

To immediately queue a new build of a job, run:

$ fly -t example trigger-job --job my-pipeline/my-job

This will enqueue a new build of the my-job job in the my-pipeline pipeline.

To start watching the newly created build, append the --watch flag like so:

$ fly -t example trigger-job --job my-pipeline/my-job --watch

fly pause-job

To prevent scheduling and running builds of a job, run:

$ fly -t example pause-job --job my-pipeline/my-job

This will prevent pending builds of the job from being scheduled, though builds that are in-flight will still run, and pending builds will still be created as normal.

fly unpause-job

To resume scheduling of a job, run:

$ fly -t example unpause-job --job my-pipeline/my-job

This will resume scheduling of builds queued for the job.

fly clear-task-cache

If you've got a task cache that you need to clear out for whatever reason, this can be done like so:

$ fly -t example clear-task-cache --job my-pipeline/my-job --step my-step-name

This will immediately invalidate the caches - they'll be garbage collected asynchronously and subsequent builds will run with empty caches.

You can also clear out a particular path for the given step's cache, using --cache-path:

$ fly -t example clear-task-cache \
    --job my-pipeline/my-job \
    --step my-step-name \
    --cache-path go/pkg

If --cache-path is not specified, all caches for the given step will be cleared.