2.5 Teams

Every pipeline and one-off build belongs to a team.

A team is simply a conceptual owner and a separate namespace for data in Concourse (pipelines, builds, etc.). Individual user access to a team is determined by how the team is configured with fly set-team: either by whitelisting local users or configuring external providers that are enabled for the Concourse server (see Configuring Auth Providers).

Once a user has logged into Concourse, they are authorized to perform actions against the teams that have granted them access.

  1. The main team
  2. Creating & Updating Teams
    1. fly set-team
  3. Managing Teams
    1. fly teams
    2. rename-team: Renaming Teams
    3. fly destroy-team
  4. Configuring Team Auth
    1. Local Auth
    2. GitHub Auth
    3. GitLab Auth
    4. CF Auth
    5. Generic oAuth
    6. Generic OIDC
    7. Debugging Team Auth Configuration
  5. Pipeline & Build Visibility
  6. Security Caveats