2.5 Teams

Every pipeline and one-off build belongs to a team.

A team is simply a conceptual owner and a separate namespace for data in Concourse (pipelines, builds, etc.). Individual user access to a team is determined by how the team is configured with fly set-team: either by whitelisting local users or configuring external providers that are enabled for the Concourse server (see Configuring Auth Providers).

Once a user has logged into Concourse, they are authorized to perform actions against the teams that have granted them access.

  1. The main team
  2. Creating & Updating Teams
    1. fly set-team
  3. Managing Teams
    1. fly teams
    2. rename-team: Renaming Teams
    3. fly destroy-team
  4. Configuring Team Auth
    1. Local Auth
    2. GitHub Auth
    3. GitLab Auth
    4. CF Auth
    5. Generic oAuth
    6. Generic OIDC
    7. LDAP
    8. Debugging Team Auth Configuration
  5. Pipeline & Build Visibility
  6. Security Caveats