2.5 Teams

Every pipeline and one-off build belongs to a team.

A team is simply a conceptual owner and a separate namespace for data in Concourse (pipelines, builds, etc.) with its own auth configuration. A team may map to GitHub oAuth, basic auth, UAA auth, or whatever other auth methods we add in the future.

Importantly, a team does not have "users" added to and removed from it; it's only a configuration of auth methods, which themselves may provide user info that we add semantics to in the future (i.e. which GitHub user you authorized as).

  1. 2.5.1 The main team
  2. 2.5.2 Creating & Updating Teams
    1. fly set-team
  3. 2.5.3 Managing Teams
    1. fly teams
    2. rename-team: Renaming Teams
    3. fly destroy-team
  4. 2.5.4 Configuring Auth
    1. Basic Authentication
    2. GitHub oAuth
    3. UAA/CF oAuth
    4. Generic oAuth
    5. Future providers
  5. 2.5.5 Pipeline & Build Visibility
  6. 2.5.6 Security Caveats