4 Ecosystem

Concourse is used by a wide variety of businesses, governments, open source projects and non-profit organisations. The uses of Concourse are as diverse as its user base, and include CI/CD for apps, continuous delivery of infrastructure, release integration, automation of tests, and many more!

If you use Concourse, or your business offers Concourse-related services, we'd love to hear from you. Please raise a pull request adding your organisation's name in lexicographical order to the list below, and help us let the world know how many people do things continuously with Concourse.

Who Uses Concourse?

These organisations have either added themselves to this list, or whose usage of Concourse is in the public domain. There are many more users of Concourse who are unable to publicly share information about their tech stack (typically banks and security companies).

  1. Altoros

  2. anynines

  3. Aptomi

  4. Armakuni

  5. boclips

  6. Cerner

  7. cloud.gov

  8. Cloud Foundry Foundation

  9. Comcast

  10. EngineerBetter

  11. Express Scripts

  12. Fauna

  13. Fidelity International

  14. Gardener

  15. (United Kingdom) Government Digital Services

  16. Gstack

  17. The Home Depot

  18. IBM

  19. Napoleon Sports & Casino

  20. Nasdaq

  21. Nokogiri

  22. RabbitMQ

  23. Resilient Scale

  24. SAP

  25. Smarsh

  26. Springer Nature

  27. Stark & Wayne

  28. SUSE

  29. SuperOrbital

  30. Unit 2 Games

  31. United States Air Force - Kessel Run

  32. Varian

  33. Verizon

  34. VMware

  35. Webfleet Solutions

  36. Yahoo!

  37. Zipcar

Service Providers

The following organisations offer a range of Concourse-related services, such as training, consultancy, support and managed offerings.