3 Project

Concourse started as a side-project by @vito (hi!) and @xoebus in 2014. Since then, Concourse has grown into a small but dedicated team of full-time engineers and part-time contributors.

Where does the magic happen?

  • The concourse/concourse GitHub repo is where the main code lives and where roadmap planning begins.

  • GitHub Discussions are used for support, announcements, sharing ideas, and general discussion.

  • The concourse/concourse GitHub wiki contains community-curated lists of tools and tutorials and serves as a knowledge base for Concourse users and operators.

  • Our blog features tutorials and updates from the development side.

  • Our Discord server is a great place to chat with other contributors.

Why make Concourse?

When working on a sizable project, having a pipeline to reliably test, deploy, and publish the product is crucial for rapid iteration.

But with every CI system we used, we found ourselves constantly dealing with the same old problems: complicated configs hidden in many pages of the web UI, not knowing who changed what & when, managing dependencies and state on the workers, build pollution, annoying UX...

Our project was growing larger, and with every box we checked and for every worker we hand-tweaked, the anxiety of having to do it all over again if something went wrong grew and grew. We started writing software to manage our CI instead of writing the software for the product we wanted to build.

We built Concourse to be a CI system that lets you sleep easier at night. A CI that's simple enough to fully grok and easy to manage as your project grows; in both the complexity of the product and the size of your team. We wanted to build a CI with strong abstractions and fewer things to learn, so that it can be easier to understand and so that Concourse can age gracefully.

How can I help?

It's pretty hard to write a CI system that makes everyone happy! Concourse is by no means perfect, and it sometimes takes us while to understand a problem space well enough to figure out how it should work in Concourse's puritanical world.

We tend to move slowly rather than tack on feature request after feature request. We are also extremely cautious about anti-patterns and introducing ways for users to shoot themselves in the foot.

Concourse is getting bigger and bigger, and we really appreciate any help we can get. There are many ways to contribute to Concourse; only some of them involve writing code! You help us out by being active in GitHub issues, voting with reactions for issues that matter to you, engaging in discussions while we map out a feature request, hanging out in our forums, writing documentation, coming up with new designs, and of course contributing code!

As a contributor, you can jump on over to Contribute for a more complete list of resources for contributors