1.4 Config Basics

Concourse configuration for things like Pipelines and Tasks is done through declarative YAML files.

Concourse configuration supports basic variable substitution by way of ((vars)). There is no built-in support for fancier templating constructs, e.g. loops and conditionals; users are free to use whatever templating system they like.

  1. 1.4.1 Intro to YAML
    1. YAML Tips & Tricks
    2. YAML Quirks
  2. 1.4.2 Intro to ((vars))
    1. ((var)) syntax
    2. Interpolation
    3. Providing ((vars)) with fly
  3. 1.4.3 Fetching ((vars)) at Runtime
    1. The Cluster-wide Credential Manager
    2. ((var)) Sources
      1. The Vault ((var)) source
      2. The Dummy ((var)) source