1.16 Observation

This section outlines everything you need to know for observing the state of your pipelines.

The Dashboard

The dashboard, available at the default route (/), provides a bird's-eye view of the Concourse cluster. All visible pipelines across all teams are listed here. A high-density (HD) view is available at /hd.


The Concourse API can return the status of a team's pipelines in a format compatible with tools like CCMenu. This endpoint is available at the following route:



The Concourse API supports returning SVG badges indicating the status of a job:


...and for an entire pipeline:


This can be used to annotate your READMEs with a build status badge like so:


...which should render the following:

Pipeline Visibility

Pipelines may be exposed so that they can be monitored without having to authenticate. For more information, see Pipeline & Build Visibility.