Managing Resources

fly check-resource

To force immediate checking for new versions of a resource, rather than waiting for the periodic checking, run:

$ fly -t example check-resource --resource my-pipeline/my-resource

To check from a particular version, including the given version, append the --from flag like so:

$ fly -t example check-resource --resource my-pipeline/my-resource \
    --from ref:abcdef

This can be useful for collecting versions that are older than the current ones, given that a newly configured resource will only start from the latest version.

Note the ref: prefix is resource-dependent. For example, the bosh-io-release resource might use version:11.2 in place of ref:abcdef.

fly pause-resource

To pause the periodic checking of a resource, run:

$ fly -t example pause-resource --resource my-pipeline/my-resource

This will stop the resource from detecting new versions.

fly unpause-resource

To unpause a resource, run:

$ fly -t example unpause-resource --resource my-pipeline/my-resource

This will resume resource version detection.