Caching credentials

By default, credentials are fetched each time they're used. When many pipelines are configured this can result in a ton of requests to the credential server.

To reduce load on your credential server you may want to enable caching by setting the following env on the web node:


Enabling secret caching will cache secrets from both credential managers and from var sources.

By default, credentials will be cached for one minute at a time. This value can be increased to further reduce load on the server like so:

CONCOURSE_SECRET_CACHE_DURATION=5m # increase from 1m default

Credential cache duration can also determined by the credential manager itself - for example, if Vault returns a lease duration for a credential, the shorter value between the configured cache duration and the credential's lease duration will be used.

By default, the absence of a credential is also cached for 10 seconds so that Concourse doesn't keep looking for a misconfigured credential. This duration can be configured like so: