Managing Teams

fly teams

To list all the teams, run:

$ fly -t example teams

This can be useful if you've forgotten your team name.

fly teams -d: With Details

To list all the teams with authentication details and members, run:

$ fly -t example teams -d

This can be helpful when debugging OAuth, OIDC groups or listing all individual members.

rename-team: Renaming Teams

To rename a team, run:

$ fly -t example rename-team --old-name my-team --new-name cool-team

This can only be run by the main team.

fly destroy-team

To remove a team, including all of its pipelines and one-off builds, first log in as the main team, and then run:

$ fly -t example destroy-team --team-name my-team

Currently, if there were any workers assigned specifically to this team, they'll be orphaned, without having their containers or volumes cleaned up.