1.2.4 User Roles & Permissions

Concourse comes with five roles: Concourse Admin, Team Owner, Team Member, Pipeline Operator, Team Viewer.

Concourse Admin

Admin is a special user attribute granted only to owners of the main team.

Admins have the ability to administrate teams using fly set-team, fly destroy-team, fly rename-team, etc.

owner role

Team owners have read, write and auth management capabilities within the scope of their team, but they cannot rename or destroy the team.

member role

Team members can operate within their team in a read & write fashion, but they can not change the configuration of their team.

pipeline-operator role

Team pipeline operators can perform pipeline operations such as triggering builds and pinning resources, however they cannot update pipeline configurations.

viewer role

Team viewers have "read-only" access to a team and its pipelines. This locks everything down, preventing users from doing a fly set-pipeline or fly intercept.

Permission Matrix

fly CLI command Anon Admin owner member pipeline-operator viewer
fly abort-build
fly active-users
fly builds
fly check-resource
fly containers
fly destroy-pipeline
fly destroy-team
fly execute
fly expose-pipeline
fly format-pipeline
fly get-pipeline
fly get-team
fly hide-pipeline
fly intercept
fly jobs
fly login
fly logout
fly order-pipelines
fly pause-job
fly pause-pipeline
fly pipelines
fly prune-worker
fly rename-pipeline
fly rename-team
fly set-pipeline
fly set-team
fly status
fly sync
fly targets
fly teams
fly trigger-job
fly unpause-job
fly unpause-pipeline
fly validate-pipeline
fly volumes
fly watch ✓*
fly workers
Web UI page Action Admin owner member pipeline-operator viewer
Home (HD/Dashboard) View
Download fly CLI
Pause Pipeline
Resume Pipeline
Reorder Pipeline
Pipeline Page View
Click to Resource
Click to Build
Click on Group
Resource Page View Resource
View Version Details
Pin Version
Paginate (<- ->)
Build Page Trigger new Build
View Build
Build Details
Abort Build
Job Page View Job Page
Pause Job
Trigger new Build
Build History
Paginate (<- ->)