Generic oAuth

A Concourse server can authenticate against any valid OAuth auth provider, though it's a bit "closer to the metal" as you'll need to explicitly configure the auth, token, and user-info URLs. You may want to see if you can use Generic OIDC auth if your auth provider is compatible with OIDC.


First you'll need to create a client with your oAuth provider.

The callback URL must be the URL of your Concourse server with /sky/issuer/callback appended. This address must be reachable by your oAuth provider - it can't be localhost.

For example, Concourse's own CI server's callback URL would be:


The Generic oAuth provider has many values to set - for a full list consult concourse web --help.

A typical web node env config may look something like this:


Consult concourse web --help for a full list of flags with descriptions.


OAuth users and groups can be authorized for a team by passing the following flags to fly set-team:


Authorize an individual user.


Authorize anyone from the group.

You may only configure groups if the auth provider exposes this information in either the token itself, or in the contents of the userinfo endpoint.

You can configure which claim points to the groups information by specifying CONCOURSE_OAUTH_GROUPS_KEY on the web node.

For example:

$ fly set-team -n my-team \
    --oauth-user my-username \
    --oauth-group my-group

...or via --config for setting user roles:

- name: member
    users: ["my-username"]
    groups: ["my-group"]

Configuring main Team Authorization

OAuth users and groups can be added to the main team authorization config by setting the following env on the web node:


Multiple users and groups may be specified by comma-separating them.