Microsoft auth

A Concourse server can authenticate against Microsoft Azure AD to leverage its permission model.


You'll need to register a new application on Azure.

The "Callback URL" must be the URL of your Concourse server with /sky/issuer/callback appended. This address must be reachable by Microsoft - it can't be localhost.

For example, Concourse's own CI server's callback URL would be:


You will be given a Client ID and a Client Secret for your new application. The client ID and secret must then be configured on the web node by setting the following env:


Consult concourse web --help for a full list of flags with descriptions.


Individual user auth is disabled due to a quirk with with Microsoft returning unique IDs but non-unique usernames

Groups can be authorized for a team by passing the following flags to fly set-team:


Authorize an entire group's members.

For example:

$ fly set-team -n my-team \
    --microsoft-group my-group

...or via --config for setting user roles:

- name: member
    groups: ["my-groups"]

Configuring main Team Authorization

Microsoft groups can be added to the main team authorization config by setting the following env on the web node:


Multiple teams may be specified by comma-separating them.